Which Hippo Hands model is best for your bike?

If you're looking to ride all year long with warm, dry hands, Hippo Hands offers great options, depending on your bike, riding style and preference:


Alcans provide max coverage in rain
Alcan — Maximum coverage
For a large, full coverage hand cover that is suitable for long rides in colder months, the Alcan is a great choice. This model completely protects your hands, even in sleet or heavy rain conditions. For bigger ADV bikes, this is your best fit. 
Click here for the Alcan.


Rogues are a versatile mid sized handlebar muff
Rogue — Mid-sized versatility

For a mid-sized cover that is slightly smaller, offers full hand and wrist coverage, and can fit almost any bike, choose the Rogue! They are perfect for commuting as they go on super quick and come off easily too! 
Click here for the Rogue.

Backcountry are great for dirt and enduro bikes
Backcountry — Enduro and dirt bikes
Riders who want a smaller hand cover that still offers very good protection but is better suited for standing while riding, choose the Backcountry model. We have many customers who love them for cool, wet single-track excursions and they are built to last!
Click here for the Backcountry


We recommend that all Hippo Hands be mounted over hand guards, brush guards or lever guards to support our hand covers and prevent blow-back onto your levers.