Hippo Hands now servicing Europe

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Team Hippo Hands now has a fulfillment center in the Netherlands to improve service to our European customers. We have our 3 premier models stocked and ready to ship.

Compare our models here:

The Alcan - Maximum coverage for ADV bikes, touring bikes, and anyone who rides long/cold/wet rides. This our largest and warmest hand cover.

Alcan Hippo Hands


The Rogue - Our best selling model, this is a mid-sized hand cover that fits any bike with hand guards. It is our customers choice for commuting, touring and any rider who has experienced cold hands.

Rogue Hippo Hands KTM


The Backcountry - Our smallest hand cover, built for enduro riders, and any rider who prefers a smaller profile hand cover. This hand cover will fit any bike with hand guards, and offers great wind and splash protection. Great for riders who are riding while standing most of the time, and very active riding.

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