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Our new designs fit better, perform better and look better. Extend your riding season with warm, toasty hands!

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If you're up for riding in cold weather, we like you. If you like feeling your hands while riding, we like you even more. Have warm hands. Join us.

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For the way you ride

Our motorcycle hand covers keep your hands warm and dry for however you ride.

FIT my bike

Extend your riding season

Ride longer into the cold months. Commute every day. Be safer because your hands are warm.

Gimme warm hands!

Starting 15 Jan we will ship within the EU!

This means that when you order Hippo Hands you'll experience quicker shipping times and less customs hassles.


Which model is right for me?

If you ride daily in adverse weather, consider the Rogue. It goes on and off quickly and easily, making it great for commuting. For touring or all-day rides maybe the Alcan is right for you. Dirt and enduro riders will dig the Backcountry. 

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So easy to install

Look how quickly our Rogue model goes on to this sick KTM1290 Adventure. Boom.

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